Here are just a few reasons why you should choose to work with AMOGH Recruitment.

Best Practice

AMOGH Recruitment Solution’s longevity in the recruitment industry is testament to the fact that we strive for best practice in everything we do. Our commitment to best practice ensures our continued relevance within the recruitment industry for clients, candidates and our own employees.

Our approach to achieving best practice is collaborative in nature. It is also:

  • Externally focused; client and candidate
  • Internally focused; AMOGH Recruitment

AMOGH Recruitment Solution’s commitment to best practice is demonstrated through regular review and audits so clients can be confident that AMOGH Recruitment Solution’s minimum standards of service and operation will be maintained.

Our Team is required to abide by the Code of Conduct to observe a high standard of ethics, probity and professional conduct which requires not simply compliance with the law; but extends to honesty, equity, integrity and social responsibility in all dealings.

Branch Location

AMOGH Recruitment Solution’s operates from two branch locations in Mumbai & Singapore designed to service all ASEAN Clients. In line with targeted advertising campaigns these locations provide an excellent catchment for available candidates who are then suitably screened, tested and assessed in line with both legislation and our client’s requirements.

The AMOGH Recruitment Solution’s team is well trained, with all consultants undergoing formal training internally and externally.

Equal Employment Opportunity

AMOGH Recruitment Solution’s is committed to EEO. Employee feedback is extremely important, resulting in re-engineered application forms, revised interview techniques and an educative approach with clients.

Contract Management Reviews

AMOGH Recruitment Solution’s is committed to innovation and continuous improvement in service delivery. We stand by our service and are not afraid to be measured. We will work with you to design a minimum standard of service or service level agreement to ensure you are always getting what you pay for…and hopefully more.


Best practice in service delivery is reinforced by appropriate technology. AMOGH Recruitment Solution’s offices have all been upgraded to the latest Microsoft software and the recruitment database that we utilise. All AMOGH Recruitment Solution’s consultants have regular access to our systems via ipad or other gadgets, whenever required and regularly use the services of Video Conferencing // Skype Facility for remote interviewing.

Service Guarantees

AMOGH Recruitment Solution’s provides Service Guarantees Permanent staffing.

Permanent Staff Guarantee:
Should, within THREE MONTHS from their commencement, our referred candidate withdraw from or prove unsatisfactory for the role to which they were appointed for a reason which should have been identified within the selection process, AMOGH Recruitment Solution’s guarantees to recruit a (one) replacement candidate.

Value Added Services

AMOGH Recruitment Solution’s confirms capability to provide tailored Value Added Services to our clients, comprising

    • Unbundled Services; AMOGH Recruitment Solutions can undertake various stages of the recruitment process for our clients should they not wish to engage our full service at the time. This could include; resume screening of an advertisement already run internally, reference checking, telephone screening, independent panel interviews
    • Payrolling Facilities; Clients can identify on-hire personnel they may already be aware of and have them payrolled through AMOGH Recruitment Solution on hourly hire or fixed term contract.
    • Software Testing Facilities; Clients can access software testing for their own permanent employees or applicants generated from their own recruitment initiatives.
    • Project Recruitment Campaigns; AMOGH Recruitment Solutions can project manage volume based recruitment campaigns for our clients outside the scope of their normal recruitment activities
    • Screening Tools, History Checks and Medicals; AMOGH Recruitment Solutions can facilitate/conduct psychometric testing for our client’s permanent employees or potential applicants. AMOGH Recruitment Solutions can facilitate probity checks and medicals.
  • Induction Programs; Tailored induction programs can be created for on-hire crew, thereby reducing the time spent by our clients inducting new on-hire staff.

We aim to foster collaborative business partnerships with all AMOGH Recruitment Solution’s clients that result in effective outcomes being achieved for our clients.

Because it’s all about you, our esteemed clients.

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